Dubai – the glory of the Middle East


For those waiting for a revived glorified Babylon, and its riches, they will have to look outside of Iraq. This city surpasses the elegance, richness and majesty of ancient Babylon, as well as anything in modern Iraq as well.

Dubai is a world center of culture, banking and trade. The genius and creativity behind these structures is truly amazing. This post is just to enjoy the architecture, and the view.

The current Burj Dubai project is building the tallest building in the world. In one picture, you can actually see the curvature of the earth from the its top. This makes me dizzy just to look at it.

It reminds me a little of how the original purpose of the tower of Babel was to reach heaven, and touch God. It looks like this tower is almost there.

A few are also underwater hotels.

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41 Responses to “Dubai – the glory of the Middle East”

  1. […] richness and majesty of ancient Babylon, as well as anything in modern Iraq as well. Click here for […]

  2. This will be a loud bang, when the Burj Dubai will come down during the big earthquake. When they will continue to build this luxurious they will bring the average worth of a property down!
    Already the financial crisis has its impact.

  3. HI GYOD,

    I think I heard that the economic situation slowed, or temporarily stopped the construction. They have already gotten a lot done. I am curious how much higher they were planning to go. But true, if the Burj Dubai fell down, it would ruin the entire city.


  4. I had no idea they had buildings like this in the ME. The architecture is creative!! My youngest would love looking at these designs. I wonder if that circular figure with a design that looks like a tree in the ocean, is a shipping port or boat dock. Great pics Marianne

  5. Hi Diane,

    Most of what you see is resort and residence oriented. But here is more information on it.


  6. Not one stone will remain on another!
    Where have I heard that before?
    All of man’s attempts to touch heaven, will be brought low!
    I don’t think we have long to wait.
    Herod’s temple was not completed until 64AD.Six years later,Jeruselum and the Temple were decimated by the Romans!

    • there’s something reminding Babylon, but it’s another times… wich times? God only knows ! Hope it’s better times !

  7. Hi Glenn,

    There is an amazing similarity between ancient Babylon and Dubai, in terms of its earthly glory. We will see how Dubai does in the future years.


  8. My best friend’s husband came “this close” to a 3-yr job in Dubai about a year back. They were actually looking forward to it, as Dubai is the only truly progressive nation in the ME. It’s very modern, cosmopolitan, full of Westerners and quite a resort area.

    • “Dubai is the only truly progressive nation in the ME”
      —what about Israel?!?!?

      • hi Yael

        That is just one person’s opinion. Dubai just has a lot of beautiful architecture. Israel may not have the elaborate architecture, but it has the class, natural beauty, and the brains that exceeds its rivals.

      • there’s something reminding Babylon, but it’s another times… wich times? God only knows ! Hope it’s better times !
        Israel, I’ll be not surprised if this city is bulit under their plans !
        GOD ONLY KNOWS !
        May God bless you all !!!

      • Dubai has built the “Las Vegas of the Middle East essentially on slave labor. So, you wanted to know what Israel has been up to since 1948?:
        The highest rate per capita of any other country in the world of college graduates. The highest rate, per capita of Nobel Prizes than any other country in the world. And also:

        Rooftop solar hot-water system Super iron battery – A new class of a rechargeable electric battery based on a special kind of iron. More environment friendly because the super-iron eventually rusts. It was developed by Stuart Licht[58] of the University of Massachusetts.
        Energy tower – Purely theoretical alternative electricity generation and water desalination technology in low cost. The Energy towers spray water on hot air at the top of the tower, making the cooled air fall through the tower and drive a turbine at the tower’s bottom. The brainchild of the American physicist Phillip Carlson which was expanded by Professor Dan Zaslavsky and Rami Guetta from the Technion.
        A unique technology for producing hydrogen in vehicles as an alternative fuel source. It is produced by the Israeli company Engineuity and was invented by Amnon Yogev and Eli Gmaazaon.
        Improvement of previously existing flat plate solar water heaters – A home facility which converts solar energy to thermal energy. Following the energy crisis in the 1970s, The Israeli law requires the installation of solar water heaters in all new homes. It was developed by Zvi Tavor.

        Consumer goods and appliances
        Micronized coating instant hot water pipes developed by A.C.T.
        Artificial gills – a theoretical special diving system that is not yet in production, currently being developed by the Israeli company Like-A-Fish Technologies which produces oxygen from water making oxygen tanks unnecessary.
        Model of quasicrystals, discovered by Nobel prize winner Dan Shechtman of the Technion Discovery of Quasicrystals by Dan Shechtman of the Technion.[1] The discovery led him to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
        Discovery of the role of protein Ubiquitin by Avram Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover of the Technion Institute (together with the American Jewish biologist Irwin Rose). The discovery led them to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
        Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation Prediction of Quarks by Yuval Ne’eman of Tel Aviv University (together with the American physicist Murray Gell-Mann).
        Discovery of the Aharonov–Bohm effect by Yakir Aharonov and David Bohm.
        Formulation of Black holes Entropy by Jacob Bekenstein of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

        World’s smallest video camera – a camera with a 0.99 mm diameter, designed to fit in a tiny endoscope designed by Medigus.
        Development of the “Pillcam” by Given Imaging, the first Capsule endoscopy solution to record images of the digestive tract. The capsule is the size and shape of a pill and contains a tiny camera.

        Pillcam endoscopic capsule developed by Given Imaging Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation – a notation system for recording movement on paper that has been used in many fields, including dance, physical therapy, animal behavior and early diagnosis of autism.
        Development of the Copaxone immunomodulator drug for treating multiple sclerosis. It was developed in the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel by Michael Sela, Ruth Arnon and Deborah Teitelbaum.
        Development of the Interferon proteins by Michel Revel from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.
        Development of taliglucerase alfa (Elelyso), a recombinant glucocerebrosidase enzyme produced from transgenic carrot cell cultures.[14] Taliglucerase alfa won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2012 as an orphan drug for the treatment of Type 1 Gaucher’s disease.

        Work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem explaining irrational human economic choices.
        Developments in Game theory. Israel Aumann of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem received the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in this field.
        The Rubinstein bargaining model, one of the most influential findings in game theory, refers to a class of bargaining games that feature alternating offers through an infinite time horizon. The proof is from Ariel Rubinstein 1982.

        Nanowire – a conductive wire made of a string of tiny particles of silver, a thousand times thinner than a human hair. developed by Uri Sivan, Erez Braun and Yoav Eichen from the Technion.
        World’s smallest DNA computing machine system – “the smallest biological computing device” ever constructed, according to Guinness Book of Records, which is composed of enzymes and DNA molecules capable of performing simple mathematical calculations and which uses its input DNA molecule as its sole source of energy it was developed in 2003 in the Weizmann Institute of Science by professor Ehud Shapiro and his team.

        Theoretical computer science
        Michael O. Rabin introduced the concept of nondeterministic finite automatons.
        Amir Pnueli introduced temporal logic into computing science.
        Computer hardware
        USB flash drive, originally marketed as the DiskOnKey USB flash drive – a flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB interface. The Israeli company M-Systems (in partnership with IBM) developed and manufactured the first USB flash drives available in North America.[44] This claim is challenged by multiple companies in Singapore (Trek Technology, Malaysia and China (Netac Technology).
        Quicktionary Electronic dictionary – a tiny pen-sized scanner which is able to scan words or phrases and immediately translate them into other languages, or keep them in memory in order to transfer them to the PC. Developed by the Israeli company Wizcom Technologies Ltd.
        Laser Keyboard – virtual keyboard is projected onto a wall or table top and allows to type handheld computers and cell phones. Developed simultaneously by the Israeli company Lumio and Silicon Valley startup company Canesta . The company subsequently licensed the technology to Celluon of Korea.
        Computer software
        Adi Shamir co-inventor of Differential cryptanalysis. Algorithms include Shamir’s Secret Sharing.
        Lempel–Ziv–Welch algorithm – a universal lossless data compression algorithm created by Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv of the Technion institute together with the American Information theorist Terry Welch.
        Babylon – a single-click computer translation, dictionary and information source utility program developed by Amnon Ovadia.
        ICQ – an Instant Messaging software developed initially in 1996 by the Israeli company Mirabilis.
        Refinement of existing Drip Irrigation Systems by introducing a non-clogging plastic emitter. Drip-irrigation (also called micro-irrigation), was invented by Australian scientist Hannis Thill. Refinement of this idea (involving a plastic emitter) was furthered in Israel by Simcha Blass and his son Yeshayahu.

        Dubai has indoor ski slopes, thats nice.

  9. Hi Cindy,

    It is a beautiful place, for sure.

  10. Dubai is owned by zionsists
    I hate dubai, and would never go there

  11. oh my goodness…these are the most beautiful man made structures that i’ve ever seen.

  12. These monuments are all owned by sultans.

  13. these are so beautiful i wish i can go there….

  14. The palm looking shape in the ocean is a group of houses. They start at 250 million dollars eachs.

    • Brian

      Amazing. I know I will not be retiring there. What I do not understand is the outer circle. The only way on or off must be by boat. I wonder where the outer circle people park their cars.

  15. God is the first Architect, Who design the universe,then the earth a “perfect dwelling environment” for Human Race. Architecture today is 1 evidence of God given talents.

  16. I can say anything.. it’s amazing

  17. Is this really what it looks like there? or are they planning on making these tbulidings here?

  18. vive dubai c’est veraiment manifique
    je suis ingenieur en electromécanéque de algerie j’aime bien visité ou travailler chez vous c’est ma grand réve

  19. its very wonderful building….. hope we can go there…. that is one of the heaven in this earth

  20. tallest building opened.

  21. i love burj khalifa

  22. Burj Dubai is now the highest of the world and the taipei scyscaper is trying to get the highest green structure in the world by next year,Dubai is an amazing place to visit and live there if you have the chance to do so!

  23. Dear Sandy….

    Check your mail…..

  24. Here is a short documentary on the glory of the middle east.
    for those who might have plans to visit …

  25. Here’ a new comedian to me. He’s good. The embedding might be disabled on the vidoe. Go to You Tube.

  26. […] O homem ainda quer tocar os ceus, chamando atencao para si, fazendo um nome exatamente como a milhares de anos atras. Por Deus, quem precisa disso? Pra que construir algo tao alto? Para ser alvo de ataques, para que colocar vidas em riscos dessa forma estupida? homem tem capacidade para construir tao alto algo tao fantastico desafiando a fisica, driblando o vento e usando a engenharia como aliada, como nao pode descobrir a cura do cancer, retardar o envelhecimento, resolver o problema de saneamento basico, da falta de comida, da decadencia na educacao entre tantos outros?Porque nao usam os recursos e as habilidades que possuem para gerar qualidade de vida e felicidade? Porque essa insistencia em construir o predio mais alto do mundo? Os Emirados Arabes  sao um mundo a parte, especialmente em Dubai, a mania de grandeza e as construcoes mirabolantes sao tao extravagantes que algumas fotos parecem miragem ou pinturas de Dali, eu chego a duvidar do que vejo.Eles construiram ilhas com o formato dos continentes, construiram ilhas com formato de um coqueiro quando visto do alto, predios contorcidos e bizarros, lindos e desnecessarios, monumentos que parecem ter saido de filmes futuristas. Me pergunto se eles sao mais felizes do que nos ou se eles se sentem miseraveis e sob pressao, sera que conseguem dormir ou ficam sonhando com a proxima construcao?  Tenho que confessar, eu quero ir a Dubai, eu quero ver tudo isso, eu quero ir la e tocar aquelas construcoes e ver se aquilo tudo e real, eu quero ver aquelas pessoas nos olhos e entender o que os motiva a tudo isso. Se o que eles queriam era notoridade e atencao, com certeza eles ja conseguiram isso, mas nem por todo o dinheiro do mundo eu subiria no Burj Khalifa. Eu quero meus pes tocando o chao. outras construcoes diferenciadas pelo mundo incluindo Brasil […]

  27. Translation for above comment by Mania: (Portuguese)

    […] The man still wants to touch the skies, calling attention to himself, making a name just like thousands of years ago. By God, Who needs it? Why would build something so high? To be attacked, so that put lives at risk so stupid? man is able to build so high something so fantastic defying physics, dodging the wind and using engineering as an ally, and can not find a cure for cancer, slow aging, solving the problems of basic sanitation, lack of food, the decline in education and many others? Why not use the resources and skills they have to generate quality of life and happiness? Why this insistence on building the world’s tallest building? The United Arab Emirates are a world apart, especially in Dubai, the delusions of grandeur and the constructions are so outlandish that some pictures seem extravagant mirage
    or paintings of Dali, I come to doubt what vejo.Eles islands built in the shape of continents, islands built in the shape of a palm tree when seen from above, building twisted and bizarre, beautiful and useless monuments that seem to have left the movies Futurists. I wonder if they are happier than us or if they feel miserable and under pressure, they will be able to sleep or are dreaming of the next building? I must confess, I want to go to Dubai, I want to see it all I want to go there and play those constructions and see if it all real and I want to see those people in the eye and understand what motivates them all. If they wanted was attention and notoriety, surely they’ve managed it, but not for all the money in the world I would come up at the Burj Khalifa. I want my feet touching the ground.

  28. Haven’t you all read the articles and seen the news pieces exposing some of the slave labor that is buildin most of this? Thousands of workers are recruited from foreign countries in East and South Asia and Indonesia. They are promised high paying jobs where they can send a lot of money home to support their families. After the workers arrive in Dubai, their passports are taken, they are put 8-10 to a room, make no where near what they were promised and then charged money for their horrendous living accomodations. This luxurious new Babylon is being built on the backs of people they have trapped. If is not slavery, it is pretty close to it. Promoting this god-forsaken gawdy and disgusting place is criminal as well, because of the cost to the human beings trapped there. I spent 2 years in Saudi Arabia when my father worked there and saw the Nigerian slave’s village in the middle of one of the towns we lived near. It has been four decades since I have seen it, but I will never forget it. It supposedly was abolished by then but it was quite apparent that they did not have in place the types of programs that western countries soon enacted post slavery in order to integrate former slaves into society. I am not saying that any slavery anywhere was ever right but come on . . . look at how recent these countries have addressed the issue and we all know they are not doing much for the downcast in these places. So, I don’t think that the reports of slave labor or something very close to the equivalent, are that far off.
    1959: Slavery in Tibet is abolished by China after the Dalai Lama flees.
    1960: Niger abolishes slavery (though it was not made illegal until 2003)
    1962: Saudi Arabia abolishes slavery
    1962: Yemen abolishes slavery
    1963: United Arab Emirates abolishes slavery
    1970: Oman abolishes slavery
    1981: Mauritania abolishes slavery

  29. I’ve been drawn to Dubai for years… no idea why. Hopefully I will get to go there someday.

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