The Serpent’s line of Crop Circles in England


Most crop circles are found in England. So are a lot of ancient monuments to the Serpent. Why are they allowed there?

***This post is about Britain, especially, but it should also include any country that has preserved altars to idols, and the serpent, who is Satan, as “archeological wonders.” America has also had crop circles.

It is one thing to be ignorant of the occult, and another to celebrate it, and not destroy it, and its effects. This is not funny or entertaining.

Hello! Wake up England! (I am waking up too, to this situation). If you have monuments of serpent worship in your country, how can you expect to be spared upcoming destruction?

Britain started out as a great Kingdom, but then lost its standing as a world power, losing its colonies around the world. Instead of God’s protection in World Wars, it was invaded. It’s early Christian history is full of the gospel of Christ, yet it permitted altars to idols, rather than destroying them. How much further will it fall?

Why aren’t Christians destroying these occult altars?

Anything associated with extraterrestrials, goddess worship, serpents, stone circles, ancient altars, child sacrifice, witchcraft, occult, Stonehenge (Wiltshire), etc should be destroyed. Its “archeological value” is nothing, compared to the curse it has brought upon Britain.

God made it very clear in scripture that we should have no false gods before us, yet we tolerate serpent worship in our lands? Idol worship always brought punishment from God.

God always commanded his people to destroy the altars to idols in order to preserve themselves.


The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom – Crop Circles in England


Excerpts from this article:

Made by the Serpents of Wisdom, also known as aliens.

Made by a higher intelligence.

Although many Crop Circles have appeared around the world, 95% of those reported have been focused in a very tight area in Wiltshire, southern England

The Michael/Mary Ley Line or Serpent Line stretches across southern England at a rough 27 degrees from Land’s End to Great Yarmouth.

The Michael and Mary serpent lines cross 20 times at Node Points where the Ancients erected several of their Temples.

In the 60’s, John Michell rediscovered this ancient Line but it was not until 10 years ago that it was thoroughly dowsed and mapped by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst, [1] who determined that it was actually made up of a male and female line that twisted across the landscape like electrical wires.

Placement of megalithic stones is still hotly debated, it is clear that they were specifically designed to tap into the Earth energies for communal healing. They may have been astronomical observatories, fertility temples, burial connectors to the Ancestors or places of worship, yet their placement was always at convergences of Earth serpents.

The crop circles are considered sacred geometrical patterns.

Microscopic changes in the wheat in crop circles – extractions of water from the nodes of the plants, and then changes to the internal crystalline structure, due to dehydration.

Crop Circle Makers have come to realign the DNA of the Earth

The Feathered Serpent is Christ symbol.

Jesus had traveled the Earth to learn first hand the mystery of wisdom from the Tibetans, Hindus, Egyptians, Greeks and Druids. Tried and tested, He was able to raise His vibration from 3D to 5D – crossing the 4th dimensional threshold where water can be turned into wine.

The Crop Circle Makers understand our predicament. They are both wise and compassionate Beings who want us to find the Grail within ourselves as they once did.

When Joseph of Arimathea, with the Virgin Mary and company made first landfall at Glastonbury after the Crucifixion, the first Christians were instructed by the Druids in the secret powers of the shrines, the upkeep and purpose of the 100 square mile Zodiac, the fabulous Tor and the magic of Glastonbury with its Ley connection to Stonehenge.

Christians began erecting chapels on the male serpent line, dedicated to St. Michael. These were studded along the former sites of the Celtic God, Lug.

On the more curving female line, often near water or Holy Wells, Mary Chapels went up on former sites of his consort, the Goddess.

Many cultures revered the dual serpent – 2 serpents entwined in a combination of male/female, positive/negative, yin/yang polarity, with its healing alternations running through particles, bodies and the Earth.

Crop Circles in America (most in 1990s)


Bainbridge, Ohio

Peebles, Ohio


Teton, Idaho

Mexico City

Kennewick, Washington

Herkimer, New York

Pittston, Maine


Snake symbol

Possible Purposes of Crop Circles

Message from Lucifer it is about time for him to arrive, and bring enlightenment to a world deceived by the real God, Yahweh.

To enchant and amaze, and draw admiration to the creator of the circles.

To establish the Crop Circle creator as the Higher Intelligence everyone should look to for answers, instead of God.

To relate secret occult messages to the followers of Lucifer/Illuminati.

Proper response to any supernatural creation by a force other than Yahweh, or to any human made occult/pagan structure

Burn it

Destroy it

Pray and rebuke it, in the name of Jesus.

Declare the plans for it to be destroyed.

Plead the blood of Jesus over oneself, others and anyone that lives near there.

With modern secular governments, destruction may not be possible, as the sites might be protected. But one can still act in the spiritual realm against these structures and locations.

What everyone can do is search out local sites, and pray against them. There may be a lot of home groups, and meetings in parks.

Unless the Circles are made by satellites with computer programs in them to beam down different patterns – the technological view

But then, if this is an elaborate hoax, what is the point?

There still is a lot of occult, as well as artistic, astronomical, and mathematical, symbols in the patterns that are made. Why are these being used?


Sacred Geometry:

2012 connection:

53 Responses to “The Serpent’s line of Crop Circles in England”

  1. […] in England. So are a lot of ancient monuments to the Serpent. Why are they allowed there? Click here for […]

    • Why are you so afaid? Jesus is more powerful than any devil or demon. I come from the land of Cornwall which is in England, and that place is full of the occult, but Jesus always triumphs there. Now, I live in the south of England which is about thirty miles from Stonehenge, and this place has no fear for me either. Christians in England are not afraid, because they know thar greater is Jesus that is in them than the devil that is in the world.Every devil and demon should quake with fear when a Christian Englishman walks the land.

      • Hi Cornish evangelist,

        I hope I, personally, did not come across as afraid. Like many, I find these end time crop circles a curiosity. The bible did not predict them, although it did say the deceiver would come with lying signs and wonders.

        The gospel was mainly spread to the rest of the world through England. Now, the devil has sought to destroy the works that originated there, as well as England itself.

        I acknowledge the strength of true believers in the UK.

        What made me wonder here is the lack of destruction of serpent altars that run along the serpent line. I can see people wondering about the crop circles themselves, and no doing anything because they are not sure, but not the serpent altars, which are confirmed as demonic.

        If I had moved into a house where there were evil monuments in the yard, the first thing I would do is destroy them. But here, and around the world, people do not get rid of these “high places.” They seem to consider them archeological monuments, and they leave them alone.

        • Dear Marianne, I am not having a go at you, I thought I was replying to someone who was on your site. Never mind.

          Replying to what you said about the dragon line, and the stone monuments which line it. First I believe that this ley line which stretches through the south of England is actually a Holy line and we call it St Michaels line, for there are Churches built practically on it’s entire length.

          These Holy lines criss cross our entire planet.

          The occult people like to claim these lines and the power which they generate for their evil purposes.

          But it is the Lord our God who has created this earth with all it’s marvelllous mysteries and all it’s signs and wonders.

          Some Christians believe that stone circles and even Stone henge itself was built by the lost tribes of Israel, which fled to these shores from the persecution in Israel.

          So there origin is not pagan, yet the devil likes to lay claim to God’s creation but he doesn’t own it,

          and if anything that make the occult, witches etc mad it is when we stand up and say all things belong to the Lord.

          So, we are not going to tear down our Churches which stand upon these hills, and its stone circles, instead we are going to proclaim this land as the Lord’s. God bless you always, Billy.

    • Dont be Panic!! Cristians and muslimsm, buddhist, and all others, we are brothers and sisters on the same Planet! Love and Peace!!
      And God si over all this our games with religion…..
      God loves all people on Earth!!!


  2. All those symbols are luciferian. You will find them weaved in governments, churches,
    banks, airports, just about within any institution.
    The occult is infiltrated everywhere.
    The winged serpent is often depicted eating men.
    To find this symbol in corn fields or in wheat fields is significant to a true Christian only because of the place it is found.
    There are more tares than wheat nowadays.

    Luciferians always tell in their symbols what their agenda is.
    They are all reptiles!
    And certainly not a symbol of CHRIST!

  3. Hi Marianne,

    Although I know you are teasing….

    here are a few links to the ‘sacred geometry’

  4. Hi Marianne,

    Here is a link to a very interesting document;

    Read it through.
    At the end he speaks a little about
    the humans and non humans
    the pure and the non pure.
    Interesting to say the least.

    • Hi Abigail.

      Interesting information. The planet X they anticipate is called Wormwood in the bible. Will the believers still be here? I hope not, as it appears to occur after the 6th seal. Pure and not pure must refer to radiation. The non-humans must be aliens.

      • Hi Marianne,
        the rapture occurs during the last trumpet. If there is no other before then we will be around. But that does not matter. God will protect us. I do not believe in Planet X who supposedly will come back after 3600 years. The size of Planet X ranges from 4-8 the size of earth to twice the size of Jupiter. The solar system is light years away from the place it was 3600 years ago. It may be that this mountain is one from the asteroid belt.
        If God will not protect you, you can bury yourself miles underground. I would laugh, if this mountain dropped on their head! People should bring their lives in order rather than stock up food.

        • hi GYOD

          My son made a good point. If the Wormwood star crashes into the ocean to make them bitter, the last place to be is below sea level (under ground).

          To me, jesus returns at the 6th seal, but he does it in the fall of the year, at the feast of tabernacles, – at the last trump, which would be the last day of the holiday- when they blow the shofar for the last time.

    • Hi Marianne,

      Don’t know how long this video will be available??
      Lately, I see a video, then go back only to find that they have taken it away.
      But this video speaks for itself.

  5. Hi Marianne,

    I totally agree with you!
    Today on CNN is another interesting story.

    I’ve seen footage on Apollo 2 I think?
    In a conversation with Nasa
    Wherein they discussed the aliens that the astronauts were seeing
    at the time.

  6. “In 1991, two men from Southampton, England, announced that they had conceived the idea as a prank at a pub near Winchester, Hampshire, during an evening in 1976. Inspired by the 1966 Tully Saucer Nests,[18] Doug Bower and Dave Chorley made their crop circles using planks, rope, hats and wire as their only tools: using a four-foot-long plank attached to a rope, they easily created circles eight feet in diameter. The two men were able to make a 40-foot (12 m) circle in 15 minutes.

    The pair became frustrated when their work did not receive significant publicity, so in 1981, they created a circle in Matterley Bowl, a natural amphitheatre just outside Winchester, Hampshire—an area surrounded by roads from which a clear view of the field is available to drivers passing by. Their designs were at first simple circles. When newspapers claimed that the circles could easily be explained by natural phenomena, Bower and Chorley made more complex patterns. A simple wire with a loop, hanging down from a cap—the loop positioned over one eye—could be used to focus on a landmark to aid in the creation of straight lines. Later designs of crop circles became increasingly complicated.

    Bower’s wife had become suspicious of him, noticing high levels of mileage in their car. Eventually, fearing that his wife suspected him of adultery, Bower confessed to her, and subsequently, he and Chorley informed a British national newspaper. Chorley died in 1996, and Doug Bower has made crop circles as recently as 2004. Bower has said that, had it not been for his wife’s suspicions, he would have taken the secret to his deathbed, never revealing that it was a hoax.[19], a group of crop circle makers founded by John Lundberg, have demonstrated that making what self-appointed cereologist experts state are “unfakeable” crop circles is possible. On more than one occasion, such cereologists have claimed that a crop circle was genuine when the people making the circle had previously been filmed making the circle.”

    if you want to know what the point is… one farmer who had a crop circle ‘appear’ in his field near stone henge made £30,000 by charging an entrance fee.

    the idea that stone henge should be dismantled because it has ‘brought a curse from god upon england’ is deranged. the god you’ve invented doesn’t exist outside your imagination! your imagination may be able to twist world history into some demented self interested tale, but don’t try and apply the same rules to physical reality- moron.

    • Hi Z

      I am well aware that there are some manmade circles. This is common knowledge. But there are other circles which contain complicated astronomical, mathematical and other data that is beyond the knowledge of common man to even think of. On top of that, getting the measurements accurate from a ground level is really beyond the average pub visitor. One would almost have to design and mark (outline) the image from the sky to get it accurate, and then come down to the ground to execute it.

  7. it’s called GPS. it’s hard to do- but not that hard.

    ask yourself what is more likely. i’ll give you a clue- it’s not aliens.

    • Hi Z

      I never said it was aliens. Remember GPS is a recent invention. But if a government or a group did it, then why? The common man had nothing to do with most of these. The creator would need to have a vehicle up in the air that can be stationary long enough to make the entire thing, and a computer program that can create the images.

      Whoever makes these has a fascination with the occult, because occult symbols are used. So it is someone with a luciferan leaning. Many call them illuminati, others call them luciferans. But they serve Lucifer, who is a spirit.

  8. it sounds like you have serious mental health issues. most of the things you say are comletely empty rhetoric with no grounding in reality. the word spirit in that context doesn’t mean anything.

    you can buy hand held gps for about £75 in the uk. and you can get software easily capable of designing images like these for free. people probably choose occult symbols because they have a social stigma and they want attention.

    • Z

      When an adult is trying to carry on an intelligent discussion with you, and you are using insults, and being a “know it all,” it is very unbecoming of you.

      Chronic denials of reality, experienced, and proven by others, indicates a very narrow minded mentality. You would deny the sky existed, if it suited your purpose.

      If you are to know all truth, you cannot shut your mind to possibilities.

      What I see is someone who has no proof, and does not want to consider anything outside of their tiny world.

      People go into space now because they think outside the box. You are in the box, and will not progress anywhere, unless you leave it, and your preconceptions.

  9. “all truth” if everything is truth then the definition of truth ceases to hold any meaning- it requires some things to be false.

    opening your mind to all possibilities is should not be synonymous with thinking completely uncritically.

    of course it is possible that “aliens” might have made these cricles, what i am saying is that “aliens” is not an explanation- it is just a word meaning “something i don’t understand”. hence it is empty rhetoric. when you have experience of “aliens” you can attribute actions to them- until then the word has no literal meaning.

    • Z

      I can tell you are not majoring in English. I never said “everything was truth.”

      In the post, I never mentioned aliens. There is a video that someone gave the link to above, and the presumption in the video is that there are “aliens,” because the government of Norway considers the occupants of underground bunkers to be either human or nonhuman. There are non-humans in the bunkers, according to the document.

      here is the document we were discussing.

      Governments and astronauts believe in aliens- which is the reason for all the bunker discussion in the above link.

  10. Hi Marianne,

    Here are three essential videos that ties in quite well with the subject.

    Of course the subject matter is so huge that much further investigation is needed.
    But this is a good place to start.

  11. Here are two more;

  12. 6 : 09 minutes into this film you see the
    Gilgal Rephaim circle.
    From that point on the video gets very interesting spilling over into part 10 and so forth.

    Worth your time.

  13. Hi Marianne,

    Very important information in this footage!!!

    P.S. I like what you have done to your website!!


  15. There’s lots of stuff on this site that’s really interesting, you’ve done a great job Marianne.

  16. Hi Marianne,

    Here is a new formation.

  17. Hi Marianne,

    The rising phoenix in a ‘BARLEY’ field this time
    Here is the link:

    As I have said before …
    significant as to where these images appear.

  18. Marianne, extremely interesting, I live in England and unfortuantely near this line and there are crop circles still appearing near this line and lots of “ufo” sightings reported and being heard.

    • hi H

      I think we are all subjected to tests right now. If you look at the Cornish Evangelist’s comments, his approach is to reclaim all territory for Christ. It is sort of a spiritual battle over the land itself. He may be a nice person to have contact with, since he lives near the line also. He has a website you can visit. Just click on his name to get to his site.

      You can live in Satan’s seat, like the church of Pergamus, and be faithful and blessed. Just stay away from anyone who doesn’t.

      13 “I know that you live in the city where that great throne of Satan is located, and yet you have remained loyal to me. And you refused to deny me even when Antipas, my faithful witness, was martyred among you by Satan’s followers.

  19. You christians have oppressed us Pagans for long enough. Go away.

    • hi pagan

      Sorry to hear you feel oppressed. The gospel is supposed to be good news to the oppressed, not be the cause of oppression. I am concerned for your spiritual welfare, but you certainly have freedom on my site. And you are welcome to read and comment.

  20. There certainly exist many explanations for crop circles. People can sense white magic of cosmic messages being communicated which invite them to awaken to unconditional love energy.

  21. smoke, mirrors and chicken bones lol:) if there is a satan he will be smiling now

  22. I believe serpant worship is still done by some christians in the south in fellowship of what was written in the bible!! The phenomenon of crop circles has nothing to do with religion. Except by way of ancient beings that have been here for a very long time that are communicating with us in a way that is intended for those who are open minded. PLEASE do your research on ancient India, egypt, the Maya, and Hopi indians to name a few. The truth is out there.

  23. To follow up. UNLESS you have truely researched the history and facts about events surrounding them, one should not comment on something they know nothing about. Also, dont brush them off because they sound weird. I am sure when missionaries first approached tribes of people around the world, those folks thought christianity to be different also. Religion has 2 aspects that hinder minds. The first is parents who do not allow their children to find their own way. Young humans do not have the capacity to think in this regard. The second is community and social pressure. Just because your friends and associates have faith in one belief or another, does not make it neccessarily true.

  24. To be honset i think they are beautiful, messages in them, yes i think so. who or what made them we do not know. But i do think people need to be careful jumping to a conclusion that what they can not explain or what is different is evil. we as humans have really no clue to what is in this awesome universe, and just because we don’t know should not mean that everything is evil…
    look back through history, flying, cars, electric anything was not of this world. people were burned at the stake for even thinking beyond the religious establishment. we need to not be the same.

    • hi onefeather

      I would prefer to think that the circles are beautiful messages of hope from a benign supernatural being, ie God or one of his angels.

      However, since we cannot be sure, we should just be aware that there is both good and bad here, and the bad can be deceptive.

      Let us hope for the best, but be wise to keep open to the truth, as it will eventually revel itself to us.

  25. Marianne Thank you for the reply, I understand your point and you are right in your view which i do agree with. I am just not sure about the light and dark side of these beings.
    either way i believe they fit in God’s plan as even in the book of Genesis the Creator has seem fit to let us know about them. I do believe they have been and are now with us in Some way. There is a lot of Military evidence that says that also. I just find it fascinating, but also as you said it may be the dark side that comes off as being the saviour or protector of mankind. I know Creator God does not Need help but maybe that he is letting a form of angel help us?? just a thought. I enjoy the site, i may not agree with all but we all can learn. it may bring ones thoughts closer to God. It does make one think and that is good.

  26. I kept wondering why most of the crop circles are in England,& if they are occult related.Now Iv’e read that the country is full of witche’s and the occult,& one English guy on internet was goingon about how Harry Potter isn’t just some movie to them,It’s like real life,And how almost evey village has palm reading,crystal ball gazing,and all this other occult stuff,& he was acting like he was proud of that! and that we American’s are beneath them cause of all their ancient site’s and history. Well,WHATEVER! I hope he realizes one day,that stuff is NOT something to be proud of.I guess since England has so much occult activities,I told myself”there you have it”why most of the crop circle’s are there.So are they possibly demon related? is what Iv’e been wondering.If they arenT created by peope and alien’s don’t exsist.Just evil spirits.

  27. I think people should ask the questions who made these aliens in physical and spiritual form, or whatever form they take. I do not believe satan can create physical life or spiritual life. So what ever reason if God chose to make a life form different than us good or bad and if “satan or evil spirits can inhabit them so be it.People need to remember God is the most high all powerful. what ever this planet earth and us humans are going through there is a reason. I think we need to remember the Bible is for Humans,not another race from another relam.

  28. Maybe it is all Science Fiction. I don’t know.

    Google search the simple PHRASE “attack microbots” to get about 300 hits related to military development, space exploration, so forth.

    Joel 2 and Rev 9 could easily be interpreted as ‘attack microbot’ mediated. If so, then Rev9:4 suggests that by RFID homing in exclusively upon people who DO have a subdermal microchip, these ‘attack microbots’ would be able to torture them with micro-taser electrical discharges, as a type of invisible civilian compliance weapon. is an interesting military paper published 10 years ago about such technology, which could by its remote control ability to swarm in on a victim from a distance. And then inflict variable degrees of pain without necessarily being lethal. Such technology would be highly desirable by local police to apprehend target person(s) with negligable liability for inducing real injury before such a target could be directly interrogated by higher authorities.

    On a governmental level there are at least two current possible uses for Crop Circles.
    (1) Inducing speculative spiritual or ET propaganda could serve to progressively mold public sentiment unto political ends. One possible end would be to craft a straw-man self-defense media image of plausible deniability “to be used only if needed”, via scapegoating a hypothetical third party such as ETs for causing a problem, thereby exonerating the source agent. In a world which communicates instantly worldwide and also is armed with WMDs, such an ‘I am not guilty’ public reputation could spell the difference between life and death for either leadership or its whole country, should a major catastrophe occur in the future. Additionally, it could serve to actually boister internal social cohesion by focusing its attention on the ‘evil’ of that scapegoat, thus serving as a governing fulcrum to justify removing freedom by enacting martial law until the ‘evil’ is vanquished. Ethically questionable, but very shrewd.
    (2) Crop Circle creation by such technology could also serve as a viable outdoor laboratory to test it, and hopefully improve it from results obtained during variations in natural weather upon biological life forms. Since Crop Circle analysis by some has demonstrated alterations in soil from that of surrounding soil, it can be modestly concluded that ‘airborne flying microbots’ cannot account for all attributes associated with some Crop Circles. However, soil changes would not deny a pairing approach of larger canisters disseminating smaller containers which release a swarm of RFID interconnected thousands of microscopic robots, but rather would imply that the CROP circles ‘might’ require an additional substrate of environmental prepping to achieve desired results.

    Since some of the exact designs are NOT original, but can be found in modern paper publications dated prior to their respective Crop Circle appearance, it is reasonable to deduce that neither Extraterrestrials nor Spirit Beings would be their cause, but rather that these would have been created by pathetically average people who put their pants on in the morning one leg at a time just like you and me, but who use some very high level sophisticated technology. Very, very, expensive. So expensive that only a handful of countries in the world could afford such technology. Britain has heaping amounts of cash to finance such technology, so it is no surprise that most Crop Circles appear in England. Of course a few Crop Circles appear in other countries, usually wealthy countries.

    It is definitely worth mentioning that during the 1990s, crop circle design and articulation grew progressively with each new ground expression being more dazzling than the previous. This type of natural progression in complexity points away from ETs from another planet who would have already reached the apex of their skills before reaching earth. Same would be true for spiritual creatures. But such complexity progression would be perfectly normal for a given technology made by man. Even corporations who initially go public, often blossom considerably and then after a few years pass, things begin to reach a plateau of mature product development. So this ‘design quality growth curve’ points to one specific kind of human technology more than ETs or spirits.

    This isn’t much. Hope it helps.

    Good luck, agents Mulder and Scully in your search for clues !

  29. What a total load of confused unrighteous dribble, you mortals are stupid, i have showed you all my powers of late, fore it was i that gave you Thai Tsunami 2004, it was i that gave you Japan Tsunami 2011, it was i that gave you Irene & Sandy, it was i that gave you the deep freeze 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013, i always take the best of the weather with me where ever i go on this world. why? you are unrighteous, Doing your Christian Duty does not make you righteous as i hear your true selfish intent within the well of souls, you cannot hide your thoughts from me as i am your judge and the forces of the cosmos are punishing you for worshipping a martar before me, the last thing that told his disiples was that he was just a man but you put him before me, that is why you are being punished, the hebrews cannot rise above their original sin so why follow an unrighteous religious path,

    Ing Freyr Apollo Helios of Hyperion

    aka Re’

    • ing

      well, you certainly think a lot of yourself. well, I don’t!

      there is no power greater than Yahweh ( YHVH)

      the weather is HIS judgments for sin, not yours.

      nothing occurs without his permission.

      and while you give yourself a fancy name, you are still the same pathetic doomed devil you always were.

      your glory departed long ago, and were never worthy of worship to begin with…..

      your fate is in the hot place below and you know it…. 🙂

      you will be nothing but barbecue!

      and do not mock the LORD as just a man, because he will be your judge some day

      go back under the rock from whence you came!

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