Mercy, Not Sacrifice

•October 24, 2014 • Leave a Comment


no_mercy.jpgI do not see much of this now.


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Kiss Yourself Goodbye

•October 22, 2014 • 3 Comments


clip_image001.jpgDramatic population drop in 2 countries anticipated / planned in the next 11 years.


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FEMA Exercise in November 2014 – Internet Down?

•October 17, 2014 • 1 Comment


FEMA.pngShutdown of power, internet and phones.


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Important for Christ

•October 15, 2014 • Leave a Comment


need_for_love.jpgThere is a natural human need for acceptance and recognition.


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Man’s Trip to Heaven

•October 12, 2014 • 2 Comments


god_heaven.jpgThe world will change in one day, and we will not be here in about 4-5 years.


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Cloud and Fire

•October 10, 2014 • Leave a Comment


cloud_fire_god.jpgIt will happen again.


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Yom Kippur 2014 note

•October 4, 2014 • 11 Comments


I will be in services Friday night, and all day Saturday, and Saturday night.  I will not be around for comments until Sunday.  I will answer people then.  God bless you.


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